SELLING THE HOME?Don’t pass up the golden opportunityto co-market the real propertywith the personal property!

Professional estate liquidators work very, very differently from realtors. It’s a fact.

Realtors can take multiple listings and juggle them, as it were. (“I’ll show you 1212 Avondale at 2:00, and then show you 1164 Morning Glory Circle at four o’clock.”)

Professional estate liquidators don’t have that luxury — far from it.

We must take the contracts we sign and queue them up on our calendars, as any given estate sale will take (on average) two to three weeks to correctly vet, prep, photograph, price, and market.

We only get 47 to 48 weekends out of an average of 52 weekends per year, and (naturally) weekends are our “bread and butter” in this profession. 

Bear in mind, though, that we must factor out the last two weekends of December (no one wants to compete with Santa Claus and the Baby Jesus!). We also take Super Bowl Sunday, Bedlam, and Mother’s Day out of the mix. (We only do Friday/Saturday sales on those weekends, as no one with half a brain wants to compete with football and Mama.)

As a result of all this, good estate liquidators usually “book out” two to four months in advance. While we’re always happy to give your realtor lots of free publicity for the co-marketing of the real estate itself, we won’t fib to you and tell you that we just sit by our phones and wait for your calls. (Trust me. We don’t. We — again — tend to book our sales several months in advance.)

Realtors (and good ones are worth their weight in gold!) may try to rush things along simply because a) many don’t understand how we liquidators work, and b) many others seem to have tunnel vision, and to be ONLY concerned with the real property/their own commissions. Many realtors also don’t realize that professional liquidators usually won’t work with clients who are still living on site. (We make rare exceptions, granted, but our exceptions in this matter are just that — RARE.)

If you’re a trustee or owner and looking to make wise decisions about how to coordinate the estate sale AND the sale of the real estate together, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide you with complimentary professional advice in regard to this very important matter.

We’re available 24/7 three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Just call us at 405.820.2814, else e-mail us at

Best regards,
Matt McNeil, ISA CAPP


Selling the homeAND the contents?Co-market the two!

Selling the home
AND the contents?
Co-market the two!


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