Before & After

You’d be amazed if you knew just how often we deal with a client who is totally ready to throw up his or her hands in despair after having dealt for weeks (or months, or — in some cases — years) with a really disastrously messy estate.

One of the first things we do is assure our clients that what may be chaos for them is, well, simply old hat for us. That’s right — that’s one of the many services we offer: making order out of utter chaos.

Here are “before and after” pics of one of our Windsor Hills estate sales. (Now, bear in mind, we first walked into a dust-laden, paper-strewn, box-filled, cobweb-covered TRAIN WRECK.)

We worked very, VERY hard for almost three solid weeks and — in doing so — turned the abominable mess we’d first found into an incredibly fun, unbelievably full sale that ended up turning long forgotten treasures into almost $50,000 in sales — far more money than our client had imagined possible.

The first twelve images in the gallery below are “before” pics. The next ten images are “after” pics.

Left click on each image below to make it expand, then just use the arrows to scroll forward or backward through the gallery.