Writes Ms. Linda Finch, CEO of Staged & Sold, Inc. of Edmond, Oklahoma:

McNeil Liquidations did a wonderful job of taking 12,000 square feet of merchandise that had been squeezed into a 2,000 square foot building.

They organized, separated, and priced everything, and did and amazing job of displaying everything. (It was like you were walking through a furniture store!)

I was paid in a timely manner and was very pleased with the outcome of the sale.

Writes Mrs. Dorea Potter of :

What a pleasure to work with Matt and his crew on the estate of Kent Potter!

He handled all the details with such expertise — very professional and SO well organized.

We couldn’t have been more pleased with the results, too.

Can we give them 6 stars?

Thanks, Matt — job well done!

Writes Mrs. Judy Henson (Co-Trustee for the NW OKC estate of the late Howard & Pauline “Polly” Henson) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma :

In April of 2014, my husband and I were facing the daunting task of emptying the contents of his parents’ home and placing their Heritage Square house on the market.

We really didn’t know the value of many of their possessions, but I saw an ad for an estate sale run by Matt McNeil posted on Facebook by a friend. I worked up enough nerve to call and ask him if he would give me an opinion on some glassware, china, and silver, even though we thought we didn’t have enough for an estate sale.

Matt offered to come by to look even though it was late.

When Matt walked in the house, he immediately looked around and said that we definitely had enough for an estate sale. Matt said he had an opening in two weeks if we thought we could be ready by then.

Matt and his crew worked about 10 days straight, including the week-ends.

When we went over for a preview, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Matt and his crew had rearranged furniture, displayed the china and silver beautifully, packaged the linens, displayed the clothes and shoes, and all the knick-knacks.

On top of that, Matt had put a price sticker on every single item and written about its origin, if necessary.

We were shocked at how valuable some of the items were. It was AMAZING!

Matt did everything he said he would in the way of preparation, advertising, set-up, security, clean-up, and – the sale was a HUGE success.

Matt was so helpful and organized. We have been singing his praises ever since.

I would never go to estate sales before, but after going through the process with Matt and his crew, I have become a believer in the integrity and value of estate sales, but most especially estate sales run by Matt McNeil.

Judy Henson
Bishop McGuinness High School instructor

Writes Mr. Ryan Tigner, Co-Trustee for the estate of the late Ms. Glenda Ochsner of Yukon, Oklahoma:

I used McNeil Liquidations late this summer for an estate sale.

From the moment we contacted Matt things were a breeze.

The tenderness that the showed for the home and its contents was amazing.

The two day sale couldn’t have gone better.

His staff was very helpful, and very knowledgable on what was being sold.

Thank you to Matt and his staff for a great sale.

I would recommend and have recommended McNeil Liquidations to anyone needing an estate sale company.

Writes Ms. Dara Derryberry, Trustee for the estate of former Oklahoma Attorney General Larry Derryberry and his wife, Gale Derryberry of :

Thank goodness I was referred to McNeil Liquidations to conduct the recent sale of my parents’ estate!

From beginning to end, Matt McNeil and his entire team could not have been better to work with.

They are professional, thoughtful, informative, efficient, and knowledgeable.

I greatly appreciate the care with which they handled the sale of my parents’ personal effects, and the level of communication they maintained with me throughout the process.

I recommend them without reservation, and will use them again should the need ever arise.

Thank you, McNeil Liquidations!

Writes Mr. Kendall Wildman of Deer Creek, Oklahoma:

Matt was very gracious in giving me an idea of the value of an antique I was looking to sell.

If I choose to have an estate sale, I will use McNeil Liquidations.

Writes Mrs. Cynthia Curtis-Ledbetter, manager of French Quarter Antiques of The Village, Oklahoma:

Quality estate sales conducted by a professional and knowledgeable staff.

Matt will go to great lengths to help you with your selling or buying needs.

Writes Mrs. Janet Pugsley-Chappell (Trustee for the Quail Creek estate of Charles & Geraldine Pugsley) of Newcastle, Oklahoma:

How in the world do you let people know that if they hire Matt McNeil to liquidate the estate of a loved one, they have hired a man who cares about and understands not only the business side of an estate sale, but the family emotions and dynamics?

Matt will go through every room, the garage and the attic, and those closets and shelves, and boxes and boxes of stuff that have been stored for years and judiciously separate personal items that a family wants to keep from items that will be sold; then he will clean the place up and arrange the items for sale in a manner that makes the worst of junk appear as a treasure; then he effectively and expertly prices the items; then he photographs the entire estate and posts the coolest slide show on his website to tell thousands of people a story featuring the items for sale and the family.

When the sale is over, the family has the opportunity to walk through the rooms and decide which items will be donated to a charity and which items will be kept by the family — if there IS anything left!

Matt is the best of both worlds — a businessman with the highest credentials to obtain the best possible return on the sale and also a man who understands the family dynamic and creates an atmosphere of working together.

A family on its own cannot do the job Matt and his staff just did for my family.

Thanks, Matt!

Writes Ms. Jennifer Fors-Stephenson, P.O.A. for Dr. William “Bill” Fors, M.D. of Quail Creek, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

I had the privilege of working with Matt and his staff at McNeil Liquidations when we signed him for my parents’ estate sale.

He has an impressive knowledge of the value and history of many antiques and collectibles, so the pricing of items is spot on.

The preparation, staging, marketing and execution of the sale is what made it a success.

Matt by far exceeded my expectations, and so did the profits from the sale.

He and his team are extremely professional and a joy to work with.

I highly recommend McNeil Liquidations to anyone considering an estate sale.

Writes Mrs. Judith A. Beckman of Marana, Arizona:

Matt handled the liquidation of my late mother’s estate in Oklahoma City and was most professional and helpful.

We were under serious time constraints, as my father had just passed away weeks before.  Matt handled the sale wonderfully in spite of all the stressors.  He cheerfully helped us through each little snag that came up.  We were and are very grateful for all his help.

Writes Mrs. Debbie Wood, R.N. of Midland, Texas:

Matt did my Mom’s estate sale Memorial Day weekend of 2012.

Now, the house was a disaster area before the sale, and I could not believe that anyone could get it as organized as I had once had it organized. (I personally have fairly good organizational skills.)

You would not even believe how beautifully arranged and displayed everything was, though, after Matt and his crew were finished! I was in total shock.

If you ever have to go through this — although it is a sad time — take it from me that Matt and his staff make this part of your life SO much easier. Yes, it’s one less thing you have to do, and one less thing to worry about.

Matt is the right man for the job — don’t look any further!

(He also made me more money than I ever dreamed!)

Thank you, Matt.

You are wonderful!

Writes Mssrs. Richard Kleffman and Kenneth Benton of Ashland, Oregon:

We love Matt!

He did everything he said he would do, and we would do it again.

He sold all our stuff!

Thanks for making our move so easy!

Writes Mrs. Stella Burnett of Warr Acres, Oklahoma:

I appreciate Matt’s depth of knowledge, and his straightforward approach to appraising my mother’s furniture.

He gave us the tools we needed to proceed.

Writes Miss Lauren Bernhard of Edmond, Oklahoma:

We could not have been more pleased with Matt & his team!

They were beyond professional.

They priced everything perfectly, and marketed the sale so well that there wasn’t anything left.

I highly recommend McNeil Liquidations!

Lauren Bernhard
Roost Oklahoma Interior Design LLC

Writes Mrs. Becky Ivins, owner and broker of Movers Real Estate, Inc. of Warr Acres, Oklahoma:

I have worked with Matt for many years; we have referred clients to each other.

When Matt is conducting an estate sale on a property I have listed, I don’t worry about anything.

I know the home will be taken care of while he is setting up the sale and when the sale is over the home will be empty and clean.  

With his vast knowledge on every type of antique or collectible, Matt will price the items at the appropriate value.

There is always security on site; admission to the sale is done in an orderly fashion.  

There is no one better than Matt McNeil of McNeil Liquidations & Appraisals to handle your sale.

Writes Mrs. Jill Tipton-Ramseyer of Shawnee, Oklahoma of :

Matt and his staff are fabulous.

Always a great experience!

Highly recommend them for your sale.
They will take great care of it.

Writes Mr. Jack Hamilton of Odessa, Ukraine:

Matt and his staff were very efficient, and the sale went off without a hitch.

I highly recommend McNeil Liquidations.

Writes Mrs. Chantri George of Yukon, Oklahoma:

I met Matt when I was looking for help with my mother-in-law’s estate sale.

I did not know anything about sales, and she had an absolutely indescribable amount of stuff from 2 houses to get rid of. (To say the least, I was overwhelmed.)

Matt was so helpful and warm and a godsend.

Even though he didn’t end up doing my sale because of time constraints, he sat with me and explained how everything would work.

He answered all my questions at our meeting, and throughout the months over the phone any time I needed him.

He also gave me a list of people that he recommended, and allowed us to use his website to post our pictures.

All of this he did out of the generosity of his heart and received no compensation.

I am so thankful to him for everything that he did for me during a time of such stress and uncertainty.

Writes Mrs. Cheryl Morrison of Edmond, Oklahoma:

Matt McNeil and his company conducted an estate sale at my father’s home with extreme efficiency and professionalism. Our whole family was truly impressed and amazed at his knowledge and expertise. (It was a perfect turn-key operation!)

When Matt walked in, he said he would handle everything, and he did. There was no money expended on our part. He took care of security, personnel, staging, pricing, permits and everything you can imagine. A job I was dreading was turned into a most pleasant experience.

I can’t recommend Matt McNeil and his team more highly. They were always very friendly and professional. In my humble opinion, Matt is absolutely the best at what he does.

Writes Mr. Scott Meacham, former State Treasurer of the State of Oklahoma of Edmond, Oklahoma:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Matt McNeil and his great staff for the tremendous job they did on my late stepmother’s estate sale.

I had contacted several other firms before selecting Matt to handle this extremely big job. (In this sale, we had to clean out several storage units and move the contents to a warehouse to be sorted.)

Matt and his crew came in and worked endless hours going through box after box and tub after tub of years of accumulated furniture, clothing, collectibles, and miscellaneous items. (Some of these items were valuable, saleable items; some were family heirlooms; some were just trash.) Matt arranged charitable donations for non-saleable items prior to the sale, and for the very few remaining items after the sale itself.

His staging of the warehouse sale to show the items for sale in the best light possible was, well, PERFECT.

His extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of appraisal, estate liquidation, and advertising resulted in a VERY productive sale, and our family was spared the daunting and highly emotional task of having to handle all this on our own.

Matt and his crew are polite, responsible, and very personable.

We would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who is in need of a personal property appraiser and/or professional estate liquidator.

Writes Ms. Lisa Henley (Executrix for the estate of the late Mrs. Glorine “Glo” Henley, former Secretary of State for the State of Oklahoma) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

I was lucky enough to be able to engage Matt to handle our family’s estate sale recently.

Matt did a superb job in not only staging the items for sale, but also in pricing the items themselves to sell for a fair and competitive price. (This made all the difference.)

I had engaged another estate liquidator several years ago for another family member’s estate, and — to be candid — it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

As a result, I was very hesitant to try again, but working with Matt and his team was a genuine pleasure.

Thank you for changing my mind about this process, Matt!

Writes Ms. Donna Schmidt-Laski of Dallas, Texas:

I would like to convey my many thanks to McNeil Liquidations and its staff for taking over the daunting task of liquidating the contents of my elderly parents’ home in Oklahoma City, a home which contained just about everything they had acquired in 61 years of marriage. The house had been unoccupied for over 2 years, and I, their only child, felt paralyzed with the overwhelming burden of clearing out all the ’stuff’ to get the house ready to put on the market.

I did not know Matt McNeil; however, he came very highly recommended in my search for estate liquidators in Oklahoma City. I had several conversations with Matt, and became very comfortable (and stress relieved!) with his professionalism and candid advice.

McNeil Liquidations came to my rescue and performed a stellar ‘turnkey’ job. The sale went very well without any inconvenience to me. I was impressed and very pleased. Additionally, my proceeds from the sale were delivered in a timely manner.

I would highly recommend Matt McNeil/McNeil Liquidations to any professional, acquaintance or friend in need of an estate sale or appraisal of any size. The experience will not disappoint, and will, in fact, be much more than pleasant.

Writes The Honorable Dr. Edward Perkins, former United States Ambassador to both Liberia and South Africa of Washington, District of Columbia:

I have been far too tardy in addressing this letter to you expressing my thanks to you for the very excellent estate sale which you managed on behalf of the Edward J. and Lucy L. estate in Norman, Oklahoma, in May 2009.

The occasion was particularly tenuous in view of the worsening heart condition of Mrs. Lucy Perkins, my spouse. In spite of that, however, we entered into a contract giving you authority to manage all aspects of the liquidation sale.

In my judgment, you and your associates performed an inventory, made an evaluation of all items to be placed for sale, and segregated various items into independent groupings, thus making it very easy to for prospective purchasers to move throughout the residence, view all items quickly, and make their decisions in a timely fashion.

At the end of the two-day sale, the designated “for sale” items had been sold successfully to a satisfied group of buyers.

I want to especially take note of how well you planned for the entry to the street where my house was located, and then an orderly exit to the main thoroughfare. Several members of the community came to me with praise for the expert handling which obviously went into making the sale a success.

I would be especially pleased to offer my recommendations to future clients should you deem my recommendation useful.

My apologies to you for the length of time it has taken for me to get this letter off to you.

Again, my thanks to you for a very professional effort on my behalf; I also take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year. 

Writes The Heritage Hills Accociate Board of Heritage Hills, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Thank you so much for your generous support of the 2014 Heritage Hills Home Tour!

We are so grateful to you for sponsoring our stage, and for the live entertainment.

Writes Mr. David Rex, Trustee for the Quail Creek estate of the late John W. and Berta Faye Rex of Dallas, Texas:

Matt McNeil and his team at McNeil Liquidations did a fantastic job with our mother’s recent estate sale.

With over 2,500 pigs of every size, shape, material and value, as well as a house full of 80+ years of life’s possessions and memories, we had no idea how it would all get sold.

But Matt and his team priced every single item and were able to sell off everything over a 2½ day period for a very fair price — simply unbelievable!

We could not be happier with the professionalism, attention to detail, knowledge of values, and marketing that Matt delivered.

We would recommend McNeil Liquidations without hesitation.

Writes Mr. Rick Hornbeek, Esq., of Hornbeek, Vitali & Braun (Personal Representative for the West Nichols Hills estate of Wayne & Rosemary Hornbeek) of West Nichols Hills, Oklahoma:

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently lost both parents in about six months’ time.

I was spending a lot of my time trying to sort through their things. (They were somewhat a couple of hoarders.)

I must have made twenty trips to Goodwill, and I could not tell that I had accomplished anything. I was complaining about this situation when a friend suggested that I contact Matt McNeil.

Mr. McNeil was prompt, courteous, and respectful.  His people came in and — within a couple of days — had things sorted and under control. (They literally took care of everything.)

They sold everything that was of any value, and then disposed of the rest. It was really a big relief after having struggled with the mess on my own.

My only regret is that I did not call them sooner. (It would have saved me a lot of angst, and the estate sale would have been even more profitable had I not given away so much stuff.)

Matt even recommended a realtor — a man who came up with three good offers on the very same weekend as the estate sale!

Less than two months after the death of my last parent, EVERYTHING had been sold, including their house and cars.  (Most of that time was spent waiting for the probate court to appoint me the representative of the estate.)

I am very pleased with the way things worked out.  I would recommend Matt McNeil and his company to people in the same position as I found myself.

Writes Mrs. Tricia Porter-Engelbert of Highlands Ranch, Colorado:

I wanted to thank you again for the incredible professionalism and promptness you showed during the liquidation of my grandfather’s estate in Oklahoma City. Moving him was made easier on all of us because of you. (I am so impressed by the way you were able to take a 35 year old house and all its contents and make such a success of the sale in under two weeks’ time!)

We used the proceeds of the sale to update Grandpa’s new apartment and provide him with many amenities that have changed his life for the better. We couldn’t have done that without your knowledge, your impeccable organizational skills and your understanding of the situation.

I am proud to have worked with you during this process and am equally grateful to now have you as a friend. If you ever need business in the Denver area, please let me know! You’re welcome in Colorado anytime.

Writes Mr. Mark Ford, Trustee for the estate of the late Charles & Geneva Sarrat of :

The whole team at McNeil Liquidations was extraordinary.

It can be difficult to liquidate family belongings, as the event often happens in the midst of the loss of a family member.

Matt and his team were incredibly thoughtful, knowledgeable and efficient, making the entire experience much more manageable.

The authentic level of care was certainly appreciated. I would highly recommend them and will certainly call upon them again in the future.

Writes Ms. Patti Scott, Berkshire-Hathaway real estate agent of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma :

Matt and his crew were fabulous!

They worked tirelessly in extreme conditions and situations to hold an amazing sale.

Matt is a consummate professional, and I highly recommend his company if you need advice on the best way to handle a difficult client.

I worked with him on a Glenhurst sale recently, and I appreciate all the many ways he provided his years of experience and knowledge to myself and to the clients.

He is fair, honest, trustworthy, and hard working, as well as the most respected person in his field that serves out community.

I look forward to working with him anytime in the future.

Writes Mrs. Peggy King, wife of Naval Commander Allen King of Epworth Villa, Oklahoma City, OK:

I’m sorry I procrastinated about getting this review done, but it was not because of anything that Matt and his crew did.

They were great! I had interviewed two other people who had been recommended to me, but when Matt’s turn came, I knew he was the one.

He did everything he promised, such as hiring an off-duty police person to monitor the sale, taking care of displaying and pricing everything, and sending my check for the proceeds quickly.

He made more money for me than I had expected, also!

Thank you, Matt, for putting up with an old lady who had lots of things to dispose of before moving into a much smaller space.

You did a fantastic job!

Writes Ms. Stacy Yates of Piedmont, Oklahoma:

Matt and his team are fantastic!

After speaking to several organizations about helping me with my grandmother’s estate and then getting in touch with Matt, I knew his team was the best. Their knowledge of estate liquidation surpasses them all!

Matt came to assess the estate free of charge and, after deciding having an estate sale was not in our best interest, he sat down with me and recommended next steps.

For someone who has never had to sell an estate, it was wonderful to have someone so knowledgeable willing to take the time and walk me through next steps even if we weren’t going to be able to use his services.

I can’t say enough about Matt and EdmondEstateSales.com.

Thank you, Matt, for your willingness to help me and my family.

Writes retired USAF Lt. Col. Patrick H. Keating of Norman, Oklahoma:

We have known Matt McNeil, ISA CAPP of McNeil Liquidations for about four years. He was first referred to us by a well respected law firm here in Norman.

He tended to the estate sale of my parents, retired USAF Lt. Col. Donald and Mrs. Donald Keating, and did an excellent job.

My parents survived a Depression and two wars and had lived overseas, and they had saved almost everything, from matchboxes, to newspapers, to almost every gift they’d ever received. (They had even saved wrapping paper and cards!)  Matt spent many hours going through every little item and sorting out the valuable items and heirlooms from the, well, not so valuable items.

He then staged the house to create good traffic flow for a sale, and so that the items would be displayed in a tasteful and attractive manner.  As a result of the extensive preparation, almost everything in the estate sold!  When the sale was completed, Matt had arranged for three different non-profit groups to take the remaining items so that we did not have to deal with getting rid of them.

Matt is polite, responsible and very personable.  The whole preparation process and sale itself took all of three weeks, in which time we became close friends with Matt.  We still stay in touch.

We would never hesitate to recommend Matt to anyone who is in need of a personal property appraiser or professional estate liquidator.  We would gladly use him again.

Writes Mrs. Ann Dell of Mesta Park (Oklahoma City):

I was more than pleased with Matt McNeil’s estate sale work for us.

He is thoroughly professional, and knows what he is doing.

He has an amazing knowledge of estate items both old and new, and knows how to price them.

We found him and his staff easy to work with.

I recommend Matt without reservation for anyone who wants to make the most of an estate sale.

Writes Ms. Dana Morrow of :

I couldn’t be more pleased with my encounter with Matt at McNeil Liquidations.

He has a depth of knowledge about coins, Oklahoma City, and the delicate work of estate liquidating.

I believe he is honest and will do his best for the client.

I highly recommend his services.

Writes Mrs. Joyce Coffee-Giles, Executrix for the Denniston Park estate of the late Mr. John C. Maddox of Marlow, Oklahoma:

Great job by McNeil Liquidations on my uncle’s estate.

Good displays and advertising.

I am quite pleased with Matt and his team for a job well done. 

Thank you!

Writes Mrs. Mysi Jones-Hunter of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma :

I needed some items appraised and Matt came.

He was very kind and knowledgeable, and helped with even more than just the appraisal value.

The best part was just how sympathetic he was to our loss of a dear family member.

Highly respectable.

I would definitely recommend!

Writes Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Janet Vice of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:


Just a note to let you know that my wife and I have truly enjoyed following your estate sales.

The preview pictures, directions and the way you conduct yourself are all truly professional!

Thanks for the work that you’ve done and will continue to do!


Stephen and Janet Vice

Writes Mrs. Debbie Scrutchfield of The Village, Oklahoma:

My husband and I had the pleasure of dealing with Matt on an appraisal last week in The Village.

He was so knowledgeable, and willing to help any way he could.

I’ve always enjoyed going to his estate sales.
Now I know why they are so successful.

Writes Ms. Shelley Cadamy of Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Matt is just frankly the go-to guy for estate sales in central Oklahoma.

He’s amazingly professional and knowledgeable, as is his staff.

I contacted Matt about my grandmother’s estate, knowing he wouldn’t be able to do the sale, because I trust him and his recommendations for which company we should hire to do the sale.

His integrity is above reproach.

No one needs an estate sale company at an easy time in their lives. With McNeil Liquidations, you can be assured that Matt and his crew will ensure a smooth, stress-free sale.

They price items well, because they have tremendous knowledge regarding art and antiques, they always have on-site security, and they do all the work, including clean up.

They also do a huge amount of pre-work, getting professional quality photos of the items for sale, and promoting them on their website and on social media.

Because of their reputation, people flock from all over the state to McNeil’s sales.

I can’t say enough good things about this company.
I would recommend them to dear friends and family.
They’re the ones to call.

Writes Mr. Brian Eddins of Norman, Oklahoma:

I am a realtor who has been working with Matt McNeil for years.

I have had the opportunity to watch him on many sales, and one thing I can say about Matt is he is consistently good at what he does. (There is a reason he has the reputation of being the best liquidator in the OKC metro area.)

Give him a call. You will not be disappointed.

Writes Ms. Deborah “Deb” Chester of Norman, Oklahoma:

I have been going to Matt McNeil’s sales for years.

Although the heavy crowds are daunting, you will always find good merchandise and knowledgeable, courteous staff.

The preview pictures are the best of any liquidation company in the area.

My advice is to follow Matt’s instructions and rules.

Get there early; wear comfortable shoes; be patient and understand that lines will be long; guard your stuff because there are always “clueless” customers who try to shop the “sold” tables.

Finally, be ready to score some great deals on terrific treasures!

Writes Mrs. Raelyn Grant of El Reno, Oklahoma:

Thank you, Matt McNeil/McNeil Liquidations for the wonderful way in which you handled the liquidation of my business, The Hager House Bed and Breakfast, in El Reno.

The Hager House Bed and Breakfast was a business I started in March of 2004.

Matt realized right away how emotionally attached I was to the business I had started, grown and come to love. (The memories I have I will always cherish!)

Matt took the time and had the patience to conduct the liquidation of my business.

All the way through the process, he made sure to take my personal feelings into account. For that, I will always be grateful.

I highly recommend McNeil Liquidations for its knowledge, professionalism, and kindness.

Writes Mrs. Judie Johnson-Duncan of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Matt is such a professional!

Years ago my mother, the late Mrs. Ruth Johnson, knew Matt through the antiques business.

Since my husband and I decided to downsize and had way too many things to many goodies (okay, I admit I am addicted), Matt included my estate/downsizing sale on his website, loaned us two signs, AND gave me information how to make my sale more profitable.

THAT is what I call a true professional!

Writes Ms. J.R. (Jeanie) Studer, real estate agent for Coldwell-Banker Select of Mustang, Oklahoma:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for McNeil Liquidations.

As a realtor, I find that it’s always wonderful to work with true professionals.

Matt and his crew were very knowledgeable, and kept everyone involved and well informed every step of the way.

Matt provided security for both the home itself AND in the form of an on site policeman during the sale, and was VERY organized throughout the sale’s set-up from the start.

It’s hard enough when a loved one passes away, or when one of us needs to downsize to make retirement easier.

Find yourself in either of these situations? Just give Matt a call and he will handle everything for you.

Writes Mr. Randall Farris of The Village, Oklahoma:

McNeil Liquidations conducted an estate sale for us at our home in Summerfield.

The process was easy. The results were fantastic. (We netted almost $20,000 at the close of the sale AND sold our car, too!)

We’d hire them again, and will recommend them to all our friends.

Randall L. Farris 

Writes Dr. Donald W. Ellis of Pittsford, New York:

An estate sale can be a very sticky business where not only considerations of value but logistics and sentiment come into play.

Matt McNeil handled my estate — an estate which was huge and very complex — in the most efficient, sensitive and satisfactory way.

The whole thing took place with the least trouble to me and the results were in every way more than satisfactory.

I highly recommend him and urge the seller to take his professional advice.

Writes Robert “Rob” House, Jr., Trustee for the estate of the late Robert & Sue House of Enid, Oklahoma of Norfolk, Virginia:

Matt did a splendid job handling my parents’ estate.

All was beautifully staged and fairly priced.

McNeil Liquidations is an impressive operation.

I can’t recommend him — nor the rest of his fine staff — highly enough.

Thank you, Matt.

Writes Mr. Kent Eldridge, Esq. of Forest Park, Oklahoma:

Matt displayed great knowledge and experience evaluating and advising me of the values of personal property.

Matt was patient and thorough.

He made the evaluation experience both pleasant and informative.

His advice about my Mid-Century home was invaluable.

If the need arises, I will use Matt’s services in the future.

I plan to attend his liquidations because it is obvious how carefully he plans them.

Writes Stephen Gallagher Giles, representative for Joyce Coffee-Giles, Executrix of The John C. Maddox Revocable Trust of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma :

Had a great experience with McNeil Liquidations and would definitely recommend them.

Writes Mrs. Emily Carter of the Law Office of Robert Carter, Esq. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma :

I can’t say enough about the professionalism of the team at McNeil Liquidations.  

If you have a large estate, they are the “go-to” business to hire if you want to expedite the process and be assured a fantastic outcome.  

Because of their stellar reputation, buyers flock from all over the state (and country) to check out the carefully prepared and accurately priced items.  

As a long-time antiques addict, I have been rewarded by attending several of their sales.  

I was able to replace a lost family heirloom with an identical item (a lawyer’s bookcase) in one of Mr. McNeil’s sales.  

Please feel free to contact me to confirm this review.

Writes Mr. Lynn Taggart (Executor for the estate of the late Mr. Don Taggart, Assistant Director for the State Fair of Oklahoma) of Edmond, Oklahoma:

I just wanted to thank Matt and his team for a job very well done in handling the recent sale of my father’s estate after my father’s passing this summer.

My father had lived in the same home for the last 50 years.  As an only child, I was dreading the thought of trying to empty out the house to prepare it for sale, not only from a physical standpoint since the house was crammed full of fifty years’ worth of “stuff” — but an emotional one as well, since it was the home I grew up in with fifty years’ worth of memories as well.

Enter Matt McNeil. After seeing all the positive reviews about his company on Angie’s List, I gave Matt a call and I’m so glad I did.

Matt handled the entire transaction with class, empathy and professionalism.

His attention to detail is impressive, his marketing savvy is first rate and everything went off like clockwork — just as he said it would.

Without my lifting a finger, Matt’s crew left me with a completely vacant home ready for sale.

I am still amazed at how efficiently he conducts his business.

For anyone undecided about who to use for what undoubtedly for many of us is a daunting task, look no further — McNeil Liquidations should be your first and only choice.

Thanks, Matt for making a difficult job as painless as possible.  You are the best at what you do.

Writes Mrs. Laura Van Cleef-Birdwell, beneficiary to the estate of the late Mrs. Jane Callaway-Van Cleef of :

Matt was very professional and thorough from day one.

His crew and clientele are also efficient and knowledgeable, as well.

It was a pleasure doing business with Matt, and I highly recommend his company!

Writes Mr. Rod Eskridge of Edmond, Oklahoma:

Matt, my wife and I would like to thank you for the referral you gave us for Lorrie Semler in the Dallas area. (If you recall I was on your “Trash or Treasure” show with the Buddy Lee dolls.) 

We had to move my wife’s sister and her husband to Oklahoma City to care for them, and we needed to sell most of their belongings and the house in Dallas.

Your referral of Lorrie was the perfect match for us. She did a magnificent job with the estate sale, getting more than even what she thought she could. 

Next, the selling of the house was PERFECT.

She helped us do all the preliminary work regarding the house before she had the estate sale so the house was completely ready to sell within a few days of the estate sale. The house went on the market August 1, and we closed on the 30th. 

Again, thanks so much for your help. 

Rod Eskridge 


Writes Mrs. Penny Smith of Guthrie, Oklahoma:

Found the perfect vintage mirror for a spot that was once occupied by a family clock.

Nothing I put up seemed to replace it until I went to Matt’s sale and found what I was looking for.

Matt has well organized events. He and his staff work really hard to make the experience a pleasant one.

Do stop by one of his sales and enjoy.

Writes George Massey, eXp Realty agent of Heritage Hills, Oklahoma City, OK:

I have had the pleasure of working with Matt McNeil on homes I had listed, but, until now, never my own home!

The level of professionalism and Matt’s knowledge of appraised values were both truly exceptional.

This moving and downsizing process is never a fun experience, but Matt and his entire crew were just great to work with.

They were very friendly, and really cared about what they were going to accomplish for my family.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results!

Writes Ms. Mary Ann Carter of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Matt McNeil of McNeil Liquidations recently conducted a sale of my parents’ estate. I was extremely pleased with his knowledge of antiques and the local market. His list of experts and contacts is extensive, and played an integral part in his ability to maximize the realized value of my parents’ estate.

Matt was also a pleasure to work with — and not just for his expertise. (You really have to place a lot of trust in the person you choose for this overwhelming task, and I can say without reservation that Matt has both the integrity and honesty that made placing this sometimes emotional and very personal responsibility in his hands a worry-free experience.)

I shall continue to recommend Matt and his professional team to any and all of my friends who are in need of such services.

I wanted to let you know of this very positive experience that I had with one of our local businessmen.

Writes Ms. Dianne Meyer (Executrix for the Windsor Forest estate of the late Mrs. Jo Hardin) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Matt McNeil is excellent, and so is his team!

I could not begin to say enough good things about Matt and the job that he and his crew did for me in dealing with forty-six years’ worth of things my mother had accumulated. (Much of which I wasn’t even aware of.)

Being an only child and spending the first year trying to clean out her house had really taken an emotional and physical drain on me. Matt literally saved my life. (I wish I had called him the first year instead of a year and a half after Mother’s death!)

Should any of yourselves in the situation of emptying your parents’ home, don’t even try! CALL MATT McNEIL IMMEDIATELY! He is honest and organized, and well educated about a wide array of things. He and his crew made a horrible, emotional, first time experience into a new friendship, not to mention a terrific learning experience for a novice like me.

(I wrote Matt an online review, and would give him 5 stars, even though the guide only allows three!)

I’m very lucky to have Matt as a new friend whom I’ll use again and recommend to anyone with full confidence. Trust me — he will walk beside you through all the steps and take away your anxiety.


Writes Mr. Kenneth Hoffman of Forest Park, Oklahoma:

Matt and his crew worked extremely hard in preparing and running the recent estate sale of my parents’ home contents.

The sale was very successful, with almost everything selling. Matt was very quick in getting the family the proceeds from the sale.

I highly recommend Matt’s company if you need to liquidate a family estate.

Writes Mr. Farrell and Mrs. Mary Lynn Lewis of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

My husband and I recently had occasion to have an estate sale, and we engaged the services of Matt McNeil and OkcEstateSales.com.

We definitely made a good choice in choosing this group to do our sale.

Matt and his team were excellent and so professional.  The team came in and sorted, grouped, and arranged everything from soup to nuts, as well as furniture and garage and yard things.

Having lived in our home for thirty years, there were many things to go through, and the team organized everything.  The items were arranged in such a manner as to present them to the best advantage for selling, and  the rooms were set up so that traffic could move freely.

During the actual sale itself, there were team people stationed in each of the rooms that was used for the sale to answer questions and help.  There was also a  policeman on duty at the door to help with traffic and parking problems.

When the sale was over, Matt arranged for several charities to come in and dispose  of the things that had not sold. This, too was a major hurdle overcome for us, because we did not have to worry about what to do with the leftovers. (We also did not have to lift a finger to pack or haul anything off.)

Another aspect of  McNeil estate sales is that Matt takes credit cards and checks, and assumes all the hassle if a charge does not go through or a check does not clear.  (Having credit cards I believe definitely increased the sales volume.)

He also has a fantastic  mailing list in order to publicize the sale.  He sends out thousands of emails, and produces a video, and takes pictures of many of the items.  He contacts so many people, as well as people from out of town, including antiques dealers and collectors.  (This, too, produced a huge amount of traffic at our sale. )

All of the members of Matt’s team were so nice and helpful and thoughtful.  It was a pleasure working with them.

At the completion of the sale, everyone on the team cleaned it all up and two days later my husband and I were presented with a check.

Our sale was very successful and actually exceeded our expectations. I do believe that without the help of OkcEstateSales.com, we would not have had such exceptional success.

I would honestly recommend Matt McNeil to everyone who needs to have an estate sale.  It was one of the best decisions we have made.

Matt himself is a pleasure to work with, and is so knowledgeable regarding antiques and vintage things. (Oh, and has wonderful ideas!)

Our sale was a great success, and we were saved a lot of worry and exhausting work.

If I ever have another one, I will decidedly call Matt McNeil at OkcEstateSales.com.

Writes Mrs. Barbara Codwin-Ellis of Tulsa, Oklahoma:


Thank you again for take the time to look at our Japanese vase.

Your appraisal helped us with a decision to family members who would keep it and pass it on.

It will be shipped to my nephew, a phys ed teacher in Japan. (He has a delightful young family, and the vase will be an heirloom.)

You were so kind to take the time to meet with me.


Writes Mr. Patrick “Pat” Kelly of Shawnee, Oklahoma:

Our experience with McNeil Liquidations was nothing short of wonderful.

The whole crew was extremely professional, and guided us through the entire process effortlessly.

Having security present was a great relief, and Matt always kept us updated on any issues that needed our attention.

We especially appreciate the support he offered us, knowing we were going through a tough time.

We were liquidating 53 years of our lives, and he understood how difficult it was for us all.

I would highly recommend McNeil Liquidations to anyone needing this type of service; they were excellent.

I can honestly say that Matt would have my recommendation 100% out of 100%.

Thank you Matt and crew — you made a tough experience a more pleasant one.

The Kelly Family

Writes Mrs. Rena Holland, realtor for the estate of the late Mary Jane Cornwell-Ochsner (1913 – 2016) of Yukon of Yukon, Oklahoma:

I am the realtor for a property in Yukon, Oklahoma, and Matt McNeil did the liquidation sale after the death of the owner, Ms. Mary Jane Ochsner.

Matt and his crew were absolutely a joy to work with.

Everything was done in a caring and very professional manner, and security was of utmost importance.

I have sold real estate state for over 35 years in the Oklahoma City area, and would definitely recommend them if you are in need of estate liquidators.  

The entire staff was knowledgeable, and the donation trucks were lined up to take the few left-over items for donation to a very worthy organization. (Clean-up was accomplished in about an hour after sale closed.)

Many thanks to McNeil Liquidations for a job VERY well done.

Rena Holland
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
Anderson Properties

Writes Ms. Elisa Melton of Meridian, Mississippi:

What a great transaction!
So easy, so professional.

I’ll definitely shop with McNeil Liquidations again.

Highly recommended!

Writes Mr. Matt Miller (the consignor of a gun collection liquidated in a Cleveland County sale) of Edmond, Oklahoma:

A well organized and orchestrated sale.

The staff is knowledgeable and courteous.

And the advertising before the sale is VERY well done.

Highly recommend getting signed up for the newsletter and attending one of their sales.

Writes Dr. Dale McCune of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

I’ve known Matt for several years through his frequent estate sales I like to attend.

When it was necessary to close my aunt’s home in Chickasha and have a sale, I chose Matt to perform the task for me as trustee for the estate.

My aunt had no children, and I knew her lovely home was packed to the hilt with everything imaginable. The time it was going to take to sort it all out was impossible in my schedule. Matt sorted trash and treasure in short time, organized and priced the sale and presented me with a check for the Trust.

The home was already sold by the time the sale was held, and Matt arranged for Children’s Hospital Network to completely empty out the home before he returned the key to me.

I can’t recommend Matt more highly to anyone needing these services. He can save you a nightmare with a smile on his face, and make a potentially unpleasant task actually quite enjoyable. And, I still try never to miss one of Matt’s estate sales which have added many beautiful things to my own home.

Writes Mr. Jim Eastep of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

We hired Matt to conduct my estate sale at the beginning of the summer. I was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do.

Matt had been referred to me via a business associate. He came to my house and conducted an evaluation. Within 20 minutes, I knew I had made the right decision to contact him. His professionalism, knowledge, and good nature put me at ease.

He handled every single detail of the sale (a sale which, by the way, was a tremendous success.) He even handled the charitable donations at the close of the sale!

Art Deco lamp: $150.00.
Campaign-style desk: $350.00.
McNeil Liquidations: PRICELESS!

Writes Mr. D.J. and Mrs. Beth Estes of Crestwood Neighborhood, Oklahoma City, OK:

We want to take time to especially thank Matt, and to recommend him to anyone needing a highly professional job.

Our house was filled with antiques my wife and I had collected over a fifteen year period. (We had enough to fill a 2,000 sq ft house loaded into a 1,000 sq ft house. Can we say “Watch the breakables?”)

In the week of prep prior to the sale AND the two days of the event, not one thing was broken.

We were most impressed by his knowlege of various items and their value.

Matt priced the items at a point at which we made the most money and not be overpriced, thus causing people to return for 1/2 price day.

He arranged for a non-profit group to pick up what little we had left.

We had alot of people wanting in early, and we were thankful Matt handled those.

Matt went beyond the standard sale offered by competitors and gave 110% to our sale.

If you are thinking about an estate sale, we recommend Matt for maximum selling performance.

Writes Ms. Keti Danelia of Edmond, Oklahoma:

I am not a frequent customer of estate or garage sales.

Had a surprisingly good experience with the recent estate sale handled by McNeil Liquidations.

Items were priced for sale — that’s why it went so well!

Matt is a true professional, and a real gentleman on the top of it.

Great job!

Writes Mrs. Sally Lenz (née Ames) of Edmond, Oklahoma of :

Matt and his crew sponsored my estate sale this last weekend, and I am THRILLED with the results AND the process.

Matt has years of experience in dealing with all kinds of antiques, jewelry, china, silver, furniture, soft goods, collectibles, etc.

An extremely important element of this kind of sale is pricing, and Matt is a genius!

He also runs a tight ship — he’s developed fair and equitable rules for his sales and makes sure they are followed.

He and his staff are delightful, friendly, and easy to work with.

At the end of a sale, they’re happy and exhausted, your house is empty, and — in a couple of days — his check is in your hands!

What could be better than THAT?

Writes Mr. Brad & Mrs. Sheila Crow of Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Our experience with McNeil Liquidations was excellent. We have no complaints.
Matt and his crew were professional throughout the entire process.

We closed on our house on a Saturday and held the sale the following Saturday / Sunday. (Fortunately for us, Matt had a cancellation and was able to squeeze our sale in; otherwise I’m not sure what we would have done.)

He has an extensive mailing list that got the word out quickly, which we greatly appreciated.

We also appreciated the opportunity to have a walk through the house after the sale and before the charities arrived to take the remainder of items.

If you need to have an estate sale, we highly recommend McNeil Liquidations.

Thanks to Matt and the entire crew. Great job!

Writes Mrs. Belinda McCally of Stillwater, Oklahoma:

Mr. McNeil,

Late last year, I contacted you about liquidating my parents’ household goods and home in Tecumseh, Oklahoma.

After visiting with me on the phone you suggested I speak with Ken Carpenter for an auction, as you thought that would be a better fit for what I needed.

I wanted to tell you that was a very successful recommendation and thank you for that advice.

In January, he was able to liquidate all of my parents’ property and goods with next to no effort on my part.

I appreciate your recommendation and hope you continue to recommend him when your particular services are not a good fit.

Writes Ms. Melody Ball of The Village, Oklahoma:

Thanks so much for handling my mother’s estate sale this past weekend!

It was beautiful — the slide show was so beautiful! I got a phone call from a friend who does estate sales in Dallas — she was complimenting the professionalism, attractiveness, and elegance of the slide show. To me, it’s like another memorial to my mother, a memorial which I can treasure forever.

The work that you and your crew put in was phenomenal.

Since Mom was a hoarder, we had worked really hard already to clean things up, but there was still so much to do. (With everyone in the family scattered in different cities and working and going to school full-time, there’s no way we could have ever gotten the work done that you and your crew did, in the time frame you handled it. And thanks for getting it done so quickly — a very short fuse between contract and sale!)

Her home is now empty and ready for sale, and, at the very least, a year before we could have readied it had we attempted to handle things on our own.

Your knowledge of how to price things to get the best price possible? It was invaluable.

We were thrilled with the amount we received for my mother’s things.

It’s a huge relief to have it all done, and we appreciate the professionalism with which everything was handled.

If any future clients would like to speak with someone who’s used your services, don’t hesitate to refer them to me.

Writes Mrs. Vicki Crocker-Janko of Yukon, Oklahoma:

I just want to say how grateful I am to Matt for his gracious demeanor in regards to helping others have a successful estate sale. This is a testament to his overall character.

He is always willing to share information and help wherever possible.

I love attending his sales and can always find something wonderful to carry out.

Thank you again, Matt, for your help with our family’s estate sale in Yukon, OK.

Can’t wait to get out to your next sale! 

Writes Mrs. Rebecca “Becky” Terrell of Norman, Oklahoma:

Matt did a wonderful job.
So very professional.

I had never been to an estate sale, and all my friends said they were so impressed and wanted his contact information .

Thank you for a job well done!

Writes Mrs. Dee Peck, Mrs. Janet Ehrlich, and Mrs. Pat Smothermon (Co-Trustees for the Treadwell Hills estate of the late Mrs. Cordelia Bozeman) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Dear Matt,

How do you thank someone for doing the impossible?

After dealing with our mother’s Alzheimer’s, her long-term care, and then discovering she hadn’t taken care of taxes or business concerns for seven years, we spent WEEKS of filtering through the house.

Mother was a lifelong hoarder having more trash than treasures — in our opinion.

It was almost more than we could bear; we were totally overwhelmed.

It seemed like a miracle when you and your crew made what we thought was impossible possible. (Not only possible, but profitable!)

The way you and your team organized and staged all of her treasures, trinkets, junk and vintage possessions was remarkably ingenious.

Everyone involved was respectful, caring and totally fun.

The two-day sale was organized, publicized, well monitored, and secured.

We were no longer embarrassed of our mother’s home. And — to top it all off — you connected us with Monty, who sold the house in three days — AMAZING!

We want everyone to know we have only accolades for you, your crew and Monty. We will continue to tell everyone of the gift you gave us.

With great admiration and appreciation,

Janet, Dee and Pat


Writes Ms. Jane “Janie” Northey of Edmond, Oklahoma:

I live in a gated community (Fairview Farm) that, I believe, had never experienced an estate sale.

To say the neighbors were anxious was a very true and understated fact.

However, during the two day sale, I was unbelievably impressed at the professional conduct of the McNeil Liquidations team.

This is an experienced group of fair, knowledgeable, and considerate professionals who have rules and regulations in place, and hold their buyers totally accountable for any behavior that is outside of the boundaries of respect and consideration for the privacy and safety of ALL people involved in the sale.

The sale was very close to my residence, and, within the first hour I could see that my fears of having fountains of water pouring out from broken sprinkler heads or being held hostage in my house for two days, were all in vain.

The parking situation was under strict supervision by O.C.P.D.’s finest.

With the fear of being towed on the spot, cars could only park on one side of the street. At one point I actually felt sorry for anyone that dared to park on the wrong side of the street, walk over any homeowner’s yard and/or God forbid, block any driveway.

The police were gentle but firm. They were there to enforce the rules.

At the end of the weekend, I personally could not have been more delighted with the outcome of the sale.

I would recommend McNeil Liquidations to anyone that wants a seamless estate sale to finally let go of all the stuff we all saved because we just knew our kids would be so happy to have all those memories. (Well, guess what? They don’t want our stuff. They say that silver is such a “pain” to polish and china has to be washed by hand!)

So unless you have collected Solo cups, paper napkins and colored plastic tablecloths for your kids, you need to call the McNeil Liquidation team!

Writes Mrs. Nancy Simmering-Millham (Trustee for the Norman estate of Dr. Virgil and Mrs. Mary Lou Simmering) of Wichita, Kansas:

Downsizing and moving my parents from a custom built home in which they had live over 35 years has been traumatic.

Matt and his team lessened the ordeal immensely: with respect, care, professionalism and extreme courtesy to my family.

Matt loves what he does, is extremely knowledgeable in many areas, and knows where to go to find answers!

My parents chose what they wanted to take with them, and Matt took if from there. He organized, cleaned, priced accurately the “stuff of their lives.”

The marketing on the website, emails, and you tube  were tasteful, professional, appealing and effective.

Matt told me exactly what would happen (e.g., times and dates). He was extremely thorough.

Over a two day period, there was an estate sale at my parents’ home. It was well guarded and well attended.

At the end, charities were on hand to take any leftovers, and then a clean-up crew came on, making it ready for the next owners.

Very nicely done.

Writes Ms. Angie Robinson, co-heir for the Val Verde estate of the late, internationally renowned entertainer, Mr. Tony Sinclair of Lawton, Oklahoma:

So pleased with the results of my late uncle’s estate!

Matt and his team showed much professionalism from the signing of the contract to the staging, photos, and listing!

They were very helpful and courteous through the whole process.

All my friends who attended the sale commented on how impressed they were with the flow and process of purchasing items.

Matt is also very knowledgeable of the laws and city ordinances concerning sales, as well as the value of all items that are included in the sale.

My family thanks him for a stress-free and successful sale, and will definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone to handle his or her family’s estate sale.

Writes Mr. Charles Davis (Trustee for the Nichols Hills estate of Miss Anne Davis) of Edmond, Oklahoma:

Dear Matt:

Thank you for putting on an incredible estate sale.

We were blown away by how you transformed the house to make everything salable.

I especially appreciate your willingness to work with us on the personal needs and details we had for the sale.

You exceeded our expectations, and, in doing so, made the transition very easy.

Writes Mr. Kevin Alexander, Special Administrator for the Val Verde estate of the late Mr. Tony Sinclair of :

Matt and his team made having an estate sale a very easy process.

It was a pleasure to work with him.

He and his crew did a wonderful job, and I would recommend them to anyone who is planning on having an estate sale.

Writes Mrs. Patricia Thatcher of Shreveport, Louisiana:

A+ group of staff with wonderful customer service.

Great sales in OKC.

Always professional doing a great job for clients and customers alike.

Writes Mr. Terry Trego of Woodward, Oklahoma:

Contracting with McNeil Liquidations to sell the contents of my parents’ home was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I would urge anyone with an estate to be liquidated to take advantage of my investigation and personal experience, and avail themselves of the sales services offered by McNeil Liquidations.

I am confident that, like me, at the conclusion of your sale you will congratulate yourself for making such a wise and lucrative decision.

Writes Mrs. Susan Johnston (Trustee for the Heritage Hills estate of Mrs. Lulu Stephens) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma :

Matt McNeil of McNeil Liquidations is the best!

He and his staff prepared and performed an awesome estate sale at my aunt’s house, who lived there for 60 years and was an eclectic hoarder.

Matt’s advertising, staging, pricing and friendliness to all led to only a few items left after the sale.

I highly recommend Matt, and I will use him when I downsize from our big house.

Matt is more than 5 stars — he is at least a million stars!

Writes Ms. Shirley Taylor-Rinehart (Trustee for the Nichols Hills estate of Tony & Teri Beals) of Austin, Texas:

Settling my sister’s estate for her husband was one of the most difficult activities I have ever faced.

The one bright light was working with you and your crew.

EVERYONE contributed, from the selecting, packing, and moving to the unpacking, organizing, and incredible amount of work you yourself did in staging and pricing.

Your depth of marketing expertise is second to none.
(We are so impressed with your advertising, your web site, and your email coverage!)

To have feature ads in Dallas and Oklahoma City’s OKC Friday was unexpected but SO effective.

Then there is the following you have for your sales, evidenced by the line around the corner the better part of the night before!

Everything was handled SO well, from security to the final dispersal of left-over items to charities.

I just wish I’d met you sooner! All of you performed above and beyond, and Tony and I are so appreciative.

Everything was handled professionally, efficiently, and often with humor.

I personally could not have gotten through it without all of you.

You deserve a gold star, and a 15 rating on a scale of 1 to 10!

Anyone who is settling an estate, downsizing, or liquidating property can interview others (as I did) and then hire you to handle everything properly, professionally, and tastefully.

A great big THANK YOU one and all!

Writes Ms. Kacie Kinney, Keller-Williams real estate agent of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma :


Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did at the Manchester Drive/Sullivant estate sale.

I was blown away by your skill and knowledge throughout the whole process.

I look forward to seeing you at future sales, and, hopefully, working together again!

Writes Mr. Frank Natsuhara, Trustee for the estate of the Reverend Father Bruce Kiyoshi Natsuhara of Orange, California:

Matt McNeil and his associates were incredible to work with during the most difficult time of the loss of my brother (Father Bruce).

They worked so hard and were able to liquidate all my brother’s possessions.

They just made our family life a lot easier to move forward.

We really appreciate all the great work this company did in helping us with this issue.

Thanks again, Matt.

Writes Mr. John Trent, Jr. of Edmond, Oklahoma:

McNeil Liquidations worked miracles for us.

We were fortunate to sell my parents house shortly after placing the house for sale. I contacted Matt and explained our situation of selling the house and the need to have an estate sale.  (We had a very tight window to vacate the house for the new owners.)

McNeil Liquidations was able to execute the estate sale within a two week period. They did everything preparing the house for the sale, and took care of advertising and security, as well.

The most helpful thing was making sure everything was sold or donated to charities. The new owners could have moved into the house the Monday after the sale.

All of my dealings with Matt were very professional. I found his expectations for our sale were right on target. I was very pleased with McNeil Liquidations and highly recommend them to my friends. They made our life transition easy and painless.

Writes Dr. Randi Van Ellefson, Professor of Music at Oklahoma City University and Director of the Canterbury Chorale of Oklahoma City:

I am happy to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of McNeil Liquidations.

Matt organized a major sale at my home in Lakehurst.  He was professional and organized and priced all items fairly. He completely exceeded my expectations.  He advertised the sale well and produced a large crowd of customers.  He prepared and displayed my property in an an effective manner, and was, again, thoroughly professional from the beginning of the process to its conclusion.

I strongly recommend him to anyone considering an estate sale.

Writes Mrs. Glenda Mounts-Bolding, Trustee for the Edmond estate of Forest “Bud” Mounts & Marguerite Mounts of Edmond, Oklahoma:

I am proud to recommend McNeil Liquidations for any estate sale.

Matt McNeil is honest, hard working, and extremely knowledgeable about antiques, collectables, and valuables of any kind.

It took two years for me to finally sell my parents’ lifelong collections, and Matt made it so much easier because he was patient and understanding through this difficult time.

He worked hard (as did his crew) to stage the sale so that everything looked amazing.

His advertising and connections are the best ever.

Even though, because of our unique pasture parking, we had to postpone the sale three times due to rain, Matt never lost interest in making this the most fantastic sale ever.

If you are looking for someone to have your estate sale, I would only recommend one person — and that is Matt McNeil.

He is the best there is!

Thank you to Matt, Paul and the rest of your crew for everything you did to make the sale such a success. Choosing you was the best thing I ever did.

Writes Mrs. Julia Phillips of Edmond, Oklahoma:

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did in handling my father’s estate sale.

Your professionalism, knowledge, experience, and efficiency exceeded all of my expectations.

I truly appreciate your kindness and sensitivity in understanding how difficult and emotional it is to have to liquidate the estate of a recently deceased loved one.

I can’t think of one thing more you could have done to make this easier for me.

Writes Timothy B. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

I’ve been to estate sales from Pacific Palisades to the Hamptons and, in my experience, NOBODY DOES IT BETTER than Matt and his team.

(By the way, I’d like to specifcally thank Chris, Beatrice, Ray, John, and Officer Varney for their expertise and assistance this past weekend.  LOVE my Drexel china cabinet!)

Writes Ms. Julie Gheen-Bornhorn of Bethany, Oklahoma:

I am an estate sale ADDICT! 

Every week, I receive an email from Matt with details about not only his sales, but also of other people’s sales.

There are preview pictures for the sales so you can plot your course.

However, you know you will go to Matt’s sale first!

His sales are SO organized, and items prices are clearly and reasonably marked.

His staff is there to answer questions and write you a sales ticket for your treasures.

Matt will monitor the number of shoppers allowed at a time so you don’t walk all over each other.

When a sale has an abundance of fine jewelry, he will (for security purposes) will limit the number of people allowed in the jewelry room.

Get to one of his sales early and grab a numbered ticket one hour before the doors open.

Writes Mr. James Maxwell of Duncanville, Texas:


I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the great job you and your staff did on my mother’s estate sale. Everything was handled in such a professional manner, and we really enjoyed working with you! Liquidating an estate can be such a daunting and stressful task, but you made it a seamless process.

We had no idea how to price so many of her things, and your extensive knowledge of the antiques market proved to be invaluable.

Everything was displayed beautifully, and the turnout was INCREDIBLE. (There is now way we would have been able to generate the traffic that you provided with your e-mail list and website.) The video of the sale was so well done, and highlighted some of her most valuable pieces, as well as her car and home.

There is, again, just no way we could have managed this sale without you and your incredible staff, especially since we all live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

After we brought home everything that meant the most to our family, you and your staff went in and organized and priced every item remaining, including her car. (We didn’t even have to be there for the sale!)

After the sale, you even arranged for Children’s Hospital Foundation and Friends of the Library to pick up the remnants and provide us with tax receipts.

Again, I just can’t thank you enough for all you did to make the sale of Nina Maxwell’s estate a complete success.

Writes Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stewart of Portland, Oregon:

Matt, you and your team at OkcEstateSales.com did a terrific job on our estate sale.

We were in the process of selling two homes, and packing, and getting ready to move out of state. It was nice to have someone to rely on to take care of everything related to the estate sale.

You did such a professional job, and we made more — net — than we had expected to make gross!

Thanks again for a terrific experience!

Writes Mr. Kyle House, Co-Trustee for the Enid, Oklahoma estate of the late Robert and Sue House of Sedona, Arizona:

Matt McNeil and his crew did a masterful job dealing with a gargantuan amount of material from my late parents’ home of 40 years.

The organization of the sale was shockingly well handled, and the sale went off without a hitch.

(It also went off without the crushing angst that such a process can potentially bring.)

Matt is extremely competent at his job.

His crew is excellent, friendly, and efficient.

I can recommend their services without hesitation. They saved us thousands of dollars in time that we didn’t have to spend dealing with thousands of pounds of stuff.

Writes Mr. Joe Shaeffer, Special Administrator for the estate of the late Hon. Fred Shaeffer, former Cleveland County Assistant District Attorney of :

Matt handled my father’s estate; he did a very good job.

The sale had several controversial items which caused some uproar, but Matt handled everything like a professional.

Matt will work his butt off for you, and he’s very good at what he does.

He is also very knowledgeable on market prices, and will strive to make your estate as profitable as possible.

Writes Mrs. Beverly Wilkinson-Chansolme, proprietress of Oklahoma City’s nationally known Orion Antiques of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma:

Dear Matt,

Every year I try to remember special people and events that I am thankful for, and this year, you and Paul are at the top of my list!

The liquidation of our antiques business, Orion, seemed impossible after forty years in business. (After Henri’s death, the sheer volume of stuff — great and not so great — was truly overwhelming.)

Not only had we had great fun visiting Europe and collecting our inventory, but it seemed nearly impossible to say good-bye to all our wonderful clients.

You made the impossible do-able, then positive, and — finally — liberating.

You were sensitive to my emotional overload; you were professional; you were so very competent.

You were knowledgeable about the value of the various pieces, and you took control of all the advertising. Finally, you understood the Oklahoma market.

I also enjoyed working with your staff as they cleaned, arranged, staged, and priced all ten thousand square feet of “stuff.”

Now these pieces all have new owners. It makes me very happy to have them dispersed in homes and stores across Oklahoma.

Thank you for helping me move on, and thank you for your professionalism.

Writes Mrs. Tamorah “Tami” Young (Trustee for the estate of Mrs. Louise Jenkins of Chickasha, Oklahoma) of Kalamazoo, Michigan:

This letter is to recommend McNeil Liquidations as the best company in the business.

I would recommend McNeil Liquidations for anyone who is looking for a professional, high class, experienced estate sale company.

Matt and his staff were creative, organized and well educated on the cost of antiques.

They were easy to work with and got the job done in the agreed upon amount of time.

The best part was the story they created and told about my loved one, including her career, her life and achievements, and her estate. (The choreographed music that was selected and the family photos were PRICELESS!)

When you want the best, call McNeil Liquidations.



Writes Ms. Rachel Carstensen of Baltimore, Maryland:

I have to admit that I struggled when I began to put this testimonial together for McNeil Liquidations/OkcEstateSales.com.

It was difficult to compose the gleaming review that is so aptly deserved by Matt and his crew without sounding overly gratuitous. They truly do, however, deserve every accolade.

I personally think that they are the best in the business.

When you first sit down with Matt, you will feel as though you have known him for years. I think that this is just one of the many aspects that make this company so incredibly unique. He is down to earth and easy to communicate with.

It is easy to see why this company has been able to establish such a strong rapport with their customers.

Keep in mind that McNeil Liquidations has two sets of customers — you and your buyers. Matt and his crew are the link between you and the customer base that you want to reach.

When you forge a working relationship with McNeil Liquidations, you are given the unique opportunity to gain access to their expansive and carefully selected buying clientele.

To give you an idea of this company’s potential, I will tell you that the video that they created for our sale, brought in almost 2,000 viewers within the first six hours that of its airing. The following day, it reached 2,800 views.

You can lean on Matt and his crew to shoulder all of the responsibility of your sale from beginning to end. (Ordinarily, it would be difficult for me to relinquish control over every aspect of such an important event. I rarely hand over control, but in this case, I am so grateful that I did.)

What they were able to accomplish is nothing short of amazing.

Our sale was scheduled the day after an EF-5 tornado ravaged Oklahoma City. Determined and undaunted, Matt and his crew pushed forward with our sale and produced so many clients, that they were lined up down the street. The sale was exceptionally successful.

You can rely on this company to handle your personal treasures, and they will do so with caution and care — they will not let anything slip through the cracks.

Not only will you be hiring a master appraiser, but you will also receive a photographer, a designer, a videographer, a staging crew, keen salesmen/women, and cashiers. We also received a police officer.

This company understands what buyers are looking for, and they (McNeil Liquidations) will market your sale so that each item will be offered with precision. Your items will also receive beautiful finishing touches, and will be showcased accordingly.

Having McNeil Liquidations handle our sale was an absolute pleasure and honor. Their services were perfectly executed and exemplary.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to adequately express how appreciative I am for what they were able to do; especially during such a complicated and distressing time.

Writes Brian Sullivan, CPA, P.O.A. for the Norman estate of Mr. John Sullivan of Norman, Oklahoma:

Matt and his team of professionals spent three weeks working hard and putting together a great sale with an accumulation of sixty years’ worth of items.

His team was nice enough to go through everything in detail so our family heirlooms were preserved and presented to us.

Attendees called us an hour before the sale opened that there was a long line to get into the sale.

At the end of the sale, everything that could be sold had been sold, including a number of books, and we were pleasantly surprised at the total of the receipts.

We received comments from several craftsmen that appreciated how their items were offered during the sale.

I appreciated comments about the sale by people that made my parent’s life meaningful.

I highly recommend his handling of any similar sales.

Writes Ms. Alisha Tasetano of Oklahoma City:

Just wanted to take a second to tell you how much I appreciate your
emails and website. (And the fact that even if you don’t have a sale
going on, you advertise for others I wouldn’t know about!)

You are very community-oriented.

Thank you!

Writes Mrs. Ann Kelly-Holloway (Executrix for the estate of Dr. Roy and Mrs. Jeane Kelly of Shawnee, Oklahoma) of Tulsa, Oklahoma:

I would like to thank Matt and his crew for the magnificent job they did on my mother’s estate sale.

Cleaning out the home where my parents lived for fifty years would have been a daunting and traumatic experience for us.

Matt was the first person I contacted (based solely on his reviews), and he promptly met with us.

We knew immediately that Matt was the person we wanted taking care of our house and our treasures.

He took one look around the house, told us what we could expect to get from the sale, and — when all was said and done — he was right on target!

Matt is highly knowledgeable, thorough, efficient, trustworthy, and just a real pleasure to work with.

He took care of literally everything (sorting through items, advertising, pricing, providing security, selling, and disposing of unsold items at the end of the sale), sparing us the emotional task of having to deal with it.

We were extremely impressed with the way Matt portrayed our sale on his website. Everything was displayed beautifully and professionally.

The sale went exactly as Matt promised — and our house was left empty so that we were able to put it on the market THE VERY NEXT DAY.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Matt and McNeil Liquidations. I will gladly recommend them to all of our family and friends who are in need of estate sale services.

I can’t say thank you enough to Matt and his crew for making a difficult experience as painless as possible.

On a scale of one to five stars, Matt gets a six!

Writes Mrs. Jennifer Orcutt, P.O.A. for the Quail Creek estate of Mrs. Joella Waldrop of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

There is seldom a time in life when one meets individuals like Matt and Paul – true professionals with the ability to make all go sooooo smoothly!

They did everything at my elderly mother’s home in Quail Creek’s La Réserve community with supreme excellence, and our trust level in them continued to rise throughout the entire process.

They were always there for us with kindness, professionalism, and the ability to just take care of, well, EVERYTHING.

I highly recommend them, and cannot say enough great things about them.

Writes Mr. Jim Schmaelzle, Co-Trustee for the estate of the late Mary Jane Cornwell-Ochsner of Yukon, Oklahoma:

Never having used the services of an estate sale company previously, we contacted McNeil Liquidations to assist us in disposing of the contents of a 3,200+ square foot home.

From our first phone conversation with the company to the broom sweeping of the house after the sale, we could not have been more pleased.

Matt and his crew took care of every detail including fairly assessing the sales items, pricing them, and then appropriately advertising them with clear pictures; obtaining necessary permits; providing an onsite local policeman to assure that illegal parking did not occur; and supplying an outdoor portable toilet on the property for the days of the sale.

On the two days of the sale, his staff worked in an efficient and courteous manner.

We chose to donate what didn’t sell to charity and those items were picked up on Sunday afternoon when the sale closed.

From start to finish, our experience with McNeil Liquidations was a great one.

Writes Mr. Jack and Mrs. Neva Sanders of Yukon, Oklahoma:

Thank you for handling the estate sale on Coburg Place.
You handled this sale from start to finish in a professional manner, and we were relieved of any handling of the sale.

You organized the sale in such a fashion that the purchasers could easily see all of the items available.
Further, you made sure that everything was priced for sale.

When we were there during the sale, we saw that you had adequate assistance that knew exactly what to do.

Your accounting and bookkeeping were EXCELLENT.

We highly recommend you to anyone who is going to have an estate sale in the future.
You may certainly use us for a professional reference if you like.

Writes Mrs. Dena Frankenfield, music teacher at Northwest Classen High School of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Dear Matt:

Thank you so much for facilitating the piano donation.

It has a gorgeous tone, and I have had my kids clean it up. (It looks so much better now!) 

It will be greatly used.

Above all, thanks for helping my kids — they would never have had a chance at a Steinway!

Writes Mr. Joe S. Wylie, Executor for the estates of Mmes. Edna V. Palmer, Marian C. “Nemah” Palmer and Josephine Palmer-Wylie, all of Okemah, Oklahoma of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Matt McNeil’s handling of our estate sale was informative, professional, and courteous.

Since no one in our family had experienced what goes on with an estate sale, choosing someone we could trust was very important in our decision making process. (We were give quite a few names, and ultimately chose McNeil Liquidations.)

Matt made us feel comfortable during the initial phase of contact and during contract discussions.

His knowledge regarding the quality of our family heirlooms as well as his understanding of our reticence to part with some cherished items made the whole process bearable.

He walked us through the “estate sale playbook,” coaching us when necessary, but always leaving the final word with us.

He took great care in separating personal items such as photographs, jewelry and other personal items he thought the family might wish to go through before the sale. He asked after the family history surrounding the items for sale, and was always glad to share some gems from his own family history.

We would certainly and wholeheartedly recommend Matt and his crew at McNeil Liquidations to handle anyone’s estate sale needs.

Thanks again, Matt, for all your hard work!

Writes Mr. William Dycus of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma :

Matt is a consummate professional.

He handles every aspect of the sale from the first phone contact all the way through the clean-up after the sale is completed.

His crew is top-notch, and reflects Matt’s professionalism.

Moreover, the depth and breadth of his knowledge of antiques and furniture and, well, *everything* is nothing short of astounding.

Matt has established an excellent reputation over the years and attracts high quality buyers to his sales.

Writes Mrs. Walta Wilkinson-Carmichael, widow of the late Dr. Daniel Carmichael of Edmond, Oklahoma:

Can’t say enough about my recent estate sale, and how much easier my move was because of it.

Matt and his crew came in and did all the work for me. There was nothing left to
take care of.

Thank you, Matt.
You are my hero.

Writes Mr. Prentice Lane, Power of Attorney for the estate of Mr. Jim Lane and Trustee for the estate of the late Mary Lue Lane of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Thank you very much for handling my parent’s estate sale this past weekend.

My mom passed away recently, and my father is in an assisted living center. (This has been such a stressful time for my sister and me.)

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your professionalism, expertise and honesty as you helped us through the sale.

This was my first experience with an estate sale, and you patiently explained the process in detail during our initial meeting.

Once we signed the contract for the sale, you were very proactive in keeping in touch from the beginning as you went through their home, though the staging and then the final walk-through.

I received many calls from friends and family who let me know how impressed they were with how the sale was conducted.

To cap off the experience, we received a check from you for our portion of the proceeds of the sale much more quickly than we expected.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend you to any person in need of help with an estate sale. I could not have been more pleased.

Writes Mr. Jacob Dearmon of Heritage Hills, Oklahoma City, OK:

Matt McNeil is phenomenal at his craft.

As an expert appraiser, he is able to quickly recall, on command, comps for unique or hard to find items.

His accurate assessments mean that you get the most value out of your precious items.

His service is also exemplary; he is willing to go the extra mile to ensure things are done right.

I’d highly recommend Matt McNeil.

Writes Ms. Jessica Walker of Manhattan, New York, New York of :

I live out of town, and needed assistance selling some of my parents’ items.

A friend recommended Matt McNeil to us, and we are very grateful for the recommendation.

Matt was great to work with.

He was very clear about how the process would work, and what we could expect to receive for our items.

He was open about what would sell well locally and what wouldn’t.

Where necessary, he provided recommendations for alternative ways to deal with some of the items we needed to sell.

He always responded to my inquiries quickly, and kept us apprised of the developments in the sales process.  Dealing with this process from far was difficult, and Matt really made it much more manageable.

I would recommend McNeil Liquidations to anyone locally or otherwise looking for help in an estate sale process.

Writes Mrs. Vicki Crocker-Janko of Guthrie, Oklahoma:

I just wanted to write you a little thank you note for the help you provided in getting the information out there to your loyal followers about my estate sale this weekend.

I truly believe that I will get the best exposure from your website.

You are a true professional with an excellent history of helping others.

I truly appreciate your help and assistance.

Thank you!
I’m looking forward to seeing you at an estate sale sometime.

Writes Mrs. Lila Shroyer of Skiatook, Oklahoma:

The nightmare on 58th Street became a dream come true when we were referred to Matt and his staff to help us liquidate an estate. We highly recommend McNeil Liquidations to anyone needing this service. We found McNeil Liquidations to be both professional and expedient. You won’t be disappointed!

Writes Ms. Nicole Anderson-Barr of Gaillardia, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:
McNeil Liquidations far surpassed my expectations!

We were absolutely blown away with the net profit of the sale!

The success of the sale was due in large part to Matt”s knowledge of the merchandise. Knowing what we had enabled him to not only price the items accurately but also to market the items effectively.

Matt also understands the importance of staging a sale. The team did an incredible job grouping items together that “like minded” people would be drawn to; not just staging items just as they would look good. (Though they did look good as well.)

The team also thinks of safety/crowd control.

Matt has an incredible and loyal following. This is in large part due to his accurate and direct marketing. People know they are going to get what he shows them.

There is an intense excitement during his sales that cannot be reproduced by another company. McNeil has the trademark on this.

Having an estate sale is an emotional experience. Matt, Paul, Steven and the team know this, and are so supportive and respectful. I

came away from this sale with money in the bank and friends for life.

Forever Grateful,
Nicole Barr

Writes Ms. Mary Beth McGraw of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

I am a lover of estate sales and I am especially a lover of McNeil estate sales!

Matt’s sales are always well put together — organized & reasonably priced.

His staff is friendly and helpful.

I appreciate his vast knowledge of, well, EVERYTHING!

I look forward to the e-mail preview pics every week so I can plan my weekend accordingly.

I plan to live to a ripe old age, and hope that Matt outlives me so he can do my estate sale.

Writes Jason L. Acebo, Trustee for the estate of the late Bill Townsend and Janice Acebo-Townsend of Edmond, Oklahoma:

Dear Matt,

I can’t thank you enough for helping my wife and me with my mother’s estate sale.

After having spent 3 months working on it by ourselves and becoming completely overwhelmed with the enormity of the task, you and your crew came in and literally lifted the burden off of our shoulders.

We simply could not have ever gotten it done without your help and expertise.

Your work ethic, professionalism, honesty, and integrity throughout the whole process was, quite honestly, very refreshing!

You and your crew were so very kind and compassionate, which meant a lot, since we were still grieving the loss of my mother and having to sort through her whole life’s belongings.

You are clearly an expert in your field and I would highly recommend you to anybody who is need of your services.

In the end, not only did you pull off a highly successful sale, I gained a great friend in this journey.

Please don’t hesitate to call if you ever need anything.

Good luck and good selling!

Writes Mr. Gregg Janes (Trustee for the NW OKC estate of Mr. Robert “Bob” Hester) of Edmond, Oklahoma:

My wife Lisa and I used McNeil Liquidations for two different estate sales in a one year period.

Matt and his team of professionals were a pleasure to work with, and did a fantastic job of putting together sales that maximized the value of the items for sale.

Matt and his team spent countless hours preparing each sale, with complete attention to detail.

Matt’s extensive education, training and experience with appraisals were all real plusses in determing the value of the items we had for sale.

Conducting an estate sale during a time of stress and grief can be very taxing.
Matt’s patience and understanding of how stressful an estate sale can be was greatly appreciated.

It goes without saying that all of the effort Matt and his team put into making a sale successful are well worth the commission paid.

Writes Mrs. Jennifer Orcutt of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma:

There is seldom a time in life when one meets individuals like Matt and Paul – true professionals with the ability to make all go sooooo smoothly!

They did everything at my elderly mother’s home in Quail Creek’s (gated and private) La Réserve community with supreme excellence, and our trust level in them continued to rise throughout the entire process.

They were always there for us with kindness, professionalism, and the ability to just take care of, well, EVERYTHING.

I highly recommend them, and cannot say enough great things about them.

Just fantastic!

Writes Mr. Charles “Charlie” L. Cashion (Trustee for the Nichols Hills estate of the late Mme. Édith-Thérèse Toupet-Sullivan-Cashion) of Edmond, Oklahoma:

It is my distinct pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Matt McNeil and his company. (Matt just finished the estate sale for my father and his deceased wife.)

The whole was, from start to finish, easy for us and, I am sure, a lot of work for Matt and his employees.

The first thing that impressed me about Matt was how many people recommended him. His was the first name mentioned by everyone I asked. He more than lived up to the reputation that he and his associates have.

Some of the other things that impressed me favorably were a) his excellent assistance in making the many decisions that had to be made, b) the great care and attention that went into the cleaning and display of the sale’s items themselves, and c) Matt’s ability to identify and beautifully describe works of art in my father’s estate.

Finally, I would say that he instilled in us a sense of confidence that turned out to be very well founded.

Writes Mr. Brandon Griffith, Co-Trustee for the estate of the late Jeannie Brenda Frazier, longtime sorority house “mom” for the Kappa Alpha Theta (Omicron Chapter) at the University of Oklahoma in Norman of Moore, Oklahoma:

Matt McNeil and his staff couldn’t have treated my family any better in our time of need.

He is a true professional, and went above and beyond to assist my family throughout a difficult time.

He is very knowledgeable about the industry, and his pricing was spot on.

He always was available to my brother and me for any and all questions and concerns we had throughout the entire process.

I would recommend him and his team to anyone.

Writes Mrs. Tristan Staat of Norman, Oklahoma:

Matt and his team helped us with a very challenging situation.

We are thankful for them and recommend them!

Writes former Oklahoma County Commissioner and former Oklahoma State Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

I am writing to recommend Matt McNeil and McNeil Liquidations.

I am a recent customer, and I am thrilled with how professional, courteous and competent Matt and his team were.

They performed exceptionally well, having put together a one-day sale with just two weeks’ notice, planning and execution. I particularly appreciated Matt’s professional understanding of the value of art and furniture, and his willingness to be candid with me about expectations.

I was able to place reserves on a number of items, and he communicated with me during the sale to keep me posted of developing opportunities on several items.

The sale went off without a hitch and netted more dollars than I was expecting. He handled the advertising, the permitting, the tax remittance, the security and the clean-up. I would highly recommend him to any friend considering this type of undertaking.

My days of conducting my own moving sale are over. I am now aware that it’s best to hire the best — and that’s McNeil Liquidations.