An estate sale’s main objective is the orderly liquidation of personal property in a relatively short period of time for the highest proceeds possible.

No death need have occurred. (On the contrary, about sixty percent of all our sales are downsizing sales of one kind or another. We often work for those who are moving, couples who are divorcing, business owners who are liquidating, etc.)

We strive to minimize our clients’ stress throughout the entire process.

We’re experts in managing estate liquidations, and offer efficient, professional services without forgetting the needs of our clients.

The concept is pretty straightforward, yet (for some) the process can be laden with significant emotional trauma, difficult  logistical challenges, and crucial deadlines. Closing a home or business can be exhausting — and even traumatic — for the layman.

The process begins with a complimentary consultation in which we come and view the property in question. At this time, we also discuss any special needs you may have. (We recognize that each situation is unique.)

Our commission, something usually set in the initial consultation, is based upon what we estimate the gross sales will be and how much work must be done in order for your sale to be successful. (N.b.: We may quote lower commissions on particular items — e.g., motorcycles, higher end automobiles, recreational vehicles, boats, and farm implements.)

We cannot quote a “one size fits all” commission here, as each estate merits a different commission based upon its estimated gross, the labor required (we pay for all labor), advertising costs (we pay these), and so forth.

We tend to book our sales several months in advance, and require that all firm and final decisions about what will and will not be sold be made prior to any contract being signed.

We also require that the venue in which we are to work be thoroughly vacated prior to our starting work. (We do not work with anyone living in the venue we’re to conduct the sale in. This is the gold standard in our profession, and is non-negotiable.)


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