(App. three blocks north of NW 39th Street — Route 66 — and Portland Avenue.
Simply turn east off Portland onto Treadwell Drive and proceed to end of street.)
To see an online map, click here.
Saturday, 24 September, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Sign-up sheet out at 8 a.m.)
Sunday, 25 September, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. (No sign-up sheet on Sunday — “first come, first served.”)

The sterling flatware, coins, firearms and McIntosh component will not be on site until sale day.
Precious metals will not be sold below scrap value.
An Oklahoma City police officer will be on site at all times throughout the sale.
Checks or cash only. Checks accepted only with proper identification.
Sealed bids will be collected at the cashier’s desk throughout Saturday, but only on items priced $100.00 and up.
Bids will be called after the close of business on the first day (Saturday).
All items MUST be removed from the premises no later than Sunday, 25 September.
Please park courteously and legally, as violators may be issued tickets.
Each dealer or eligible veteran must submit a photocopy of his or her valid tax exemption certificate, else sales tax of 8.375% will be charged.
No large purses. No unattended children, please.
Outside “sold” signs will not be honored and will be promptly discarded.
We will have a large “sold” table on site for your convenience; however,
you will be obligated to purchase all items you place on the “sold” table(s), carry for more than five minutes or have had marked “sold.”
We do not wrap, haul or deliver — please do not ask.


P.E.L. (Greg Rowland and Mike Davis) will also have a very full sale this weekend.
It will be in Edmond at 15912 Sonoma Court, and will have the same hours as our sale. (Sign-up sheet out at 8 a.m. Saturday.)
To see an online map, click
To see a full color picture gallery, click here.


Estate Sales & Liquidations (Connie Weber and Joan Zubik) will also have a very full sale this weekend.
It will be in Oklahoma City at 725 NW 144th, and will have the same hours as our sale. (Sign-up sheet out at 8 a.m on Saturday.)
To see an online map to Connie’s sale, click here.

Full color picture gallery below. (Pics are of our sale on Treadwell Drive.)
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